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Project Inclusion


One in every 10 children in India is born with or acquires a physical, neurological, or sensory disability. That is over 8 million children, and only 45% of them have access to schools. Furthermore, only 120,781 registered special educators are available in India. If students with disabilities are more isolated or rejected from mainstream education, the question arises as to how the teachers and stakeholders can facilitate and support the child. Inclusive education is a key policy objective for children with special needs. Addressing the gap, Project Inclusion, an initiative of the Sri Aurobindo Society, was designed to empower teachers and special educators in India to identify and create an inclusive learning environment for students with learning difficulties.

  • 2.5K
    Number of special schools
  • 1.21L
    RCI registered Special educator
  • 7.9M
    Children with disability in India

Creating Equal Learning Opportunities To Include Every Child In A Classroom

Indian States and Union Territories
Teachers Oriented
Psychometric Assessments of Screened Cases of NDD
Students Screened With Probable Cases of NDD
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Our Work

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Orientation and Training for Education Officers and Teachers

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Providing Supportive Resources to Parents

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Holistic Learning Environment

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Building a Bright Future for Every Child in India

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